There's more to come!
Along the road we have every intention of expanding our database to other event markets over time. We want the network to be accessible to all great forward-thinking organisers. For more information on the technology and startup scene in London and our mission to improve it's revenue growth potential of event sponsorship read our blog here

How it works right now.
There are 4.5k+ active sponsors in Airfinity's Event Graph™ relevant to London's technology and startup scene. The recommendation engine uses your data points and the activity of these sponsors from this pool, to predict which sponsors are most likely to sponsor an event like yours. Therefore, if you don't associate your event as relevant to either market, then Sponsor Match most likely won't match you to sponsors aligned with your goals at this time. 

If this is the case, you can still connect your Eventbrite account and generate a professional data-fuelled profile of your attendee insights for sponsorship outreach.

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